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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  April 10, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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. >> coming up, talking on your cell phone is about to be against the law. when this new ban will take effect. >> who will president obama nominate to replace john paul stevens? >> we did not receive the miracle that we prayed for. we accounted for four miners that have been unaccounted for. >> rescue workers that hoped to find them alive in a refuge chamber found them dead instead. >> and we take you out to the yard for the o's home opener. "11 news saturday morning" starts now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group]
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>> welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm jennifer franciotti. >> we have been spoiled. that weather we had there was totally unusual for april. it has happened. we have tied one, broke one, and came close to a couple records. >> i'm starting to feel like goldilocks -- its too hot! >> the afternoon highs should be right about where they should be this time of year, and maybe we won't be so spoiled. let's look at oir live h.d. doppler radar. it is a fair weather morning this morning. when i left the house, the clouds were scattered. there are no echos arneds us whatsoever. i want to take a trip up north
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to show you there is a little snow up in new york state in the state of maine, and a little rain and sleet micked in the great lakes, wisconsin, parts of minnesota. they all mean something to us here. it is kind of cold in some places, and there is a weather system to the west we'll have to keep an eye on. i'll have the insta-weather plus forecast in just a minute. >> our big story this morning where legislation cracking down on distracted drivers is set to become law. >> that bill is banning drivers from using hand-held cell phones while behind the wheel. david collins has more from the statehouse. >> passage, according to supporters, will have a dramatic and immediate impact on road safety. they say the bill is not just about being distracted by a phone call. it also addresses a fact of life
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known as multitasking. >> you can play a game, you can go on fook, you can -- facebook, you can tweet. you can do a video. oh, yeah, you can make a phone call. >> starting october 1, using one of these while driving will become illegal. police would have to pull you over for something else before giving first offenders a $40 ticket. >> if i put my hand to my ear -- >> because the measure is the same bill that passed the house -- senate, it will go to the -- opponents ask, why stop with cell phones. >> i saw a guy eating a crab driving down the road. >> prohibiting police from
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issuing a tick elt unless there is an accident. exempt are highway and tow truck operators. there was even an amendment to take some counties out of the bill. >> i have amendments, but i'll wait. >> the governor is expected to sign the bill, and it will go in effect in obblingt. >> legalizing medical marijuana is one step closer in maryland. bill would allow pharmacies to distribute to patients who get authorization from their doctors with whom they have an ongoing relationship. it would eliminate it from the illegal drug category. it is not expected to become law this year. we have continuing coverage of the cell phone legislation and
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other legislation on our web site. go to and click on "politics." >> in washington this morning many are asking the question, who will replace retiring justice john paul stevens. is he perhaps the most liberal justice on the court. >> he will soon turn 90 this month but he leaves his position at top of his game. his leadership will be sorely missed. >> justice stevens was appointed by gerald ford, a republican. >> judges feel very freed up once they get to the court. after that, it is a lifetime appointment. >> university of maryland law school professor michael greenberger said stevens is the perfect example of no matter who you elect, you don't know how
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the justice will turn out. >> he gave no indication that he would be a progressive judge, but he's the leader of the progressive movement on the court. it is hard to predict where people mr. be. >> who will president obama nominate? >> i think all of those would be deemed to be on their face, moderate judges. >> it will be soon. justice stevens has asked for his replacement to be confirmed by october. proffer greenberger said despite the political climb ate in washington, he thinks it will happen before the congressional elections in november. if it were a conservetive stepping down, though, it would be a different story. >> if there ever were a judge that could change the make-up of the court, move it from center right to center left, that would be a very, very difficult battle. for that reason, i think the republicans will scrutinize this very carefully.
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they may en be opposed to it. i don't think they will try to block it. >> i'm john cher man, wbal-tv 11 . >> three baltimore plirs are recovering after a car accident. the officers were rushed to the hospital after an accident involving an unmarked police car. we know the officers are being treated for non-life threatening injuries. >> a murder arrest. rodney hall was taken into custody. he was arrested on a warrant for the murder of 21-year-old angelo dangerfield. he was shot on spellman aroad and killed while walking his dog u dog. he was a youth leader and even had been a meantor for governor martin owe mali.
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>> dinesha maul hall appeared back in court after defying a court order. >> i don't think people appreciate how stressful it is testifying in court. she had been on the stand a little over two hours. they wanted to move for them. >> the judge warned the 16-year-old she had to answer questions truthfully, remain calm, or she could end up spending the next several nights in central booking. while on the witness stand, she told jurors that her boyfriend was at his home with her. he was wearing a box to keep
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track of him. hall also testified davis was wearing the tracking device during the several days he stayed with her home following the shootings. davis claims he was not in the area whether a street fight broke out that led to gunfire. 5-year-old raven white is recovering from a gun shot wound. a teenager was the intended target and was shot in the arm. the two males fought and later he con fessd he shot reds and thought he shot the little girl. >> she got on the stand and told the truth, and i'm proud of her. >> but plenty of questions remain about where he was. >> there are questions where he was between 12:50 and 4:58 p.m. >> prosecutors are trying to show there are discrepancies in the way the tracking system works.
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a vice president of i-secure-track testified that if someone is separated from the track the information is not reported back tot company's base in omaha until the two units are back within range of each other. >> baseball season is officially underway in baltimore with the home opener at camden yards yesterday. >> even though the o's lost to the blue jays, fans we talked to are optimistic. lowell melser has more. >> for orioles fans, there is nothing like opening day. >> opening day is the greatest. it is spring time. everybody is getting out on the grass. it is a great place to be. >> all is perfect. >> we're going to win today and be at .500. 1kwr are -- why are you saying
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that? >> because we're going to win two. >> you get the idea there is optimism at camden yards. >> start rolling. >> young stars pitching, that's the key. if the pitching holds up, that's the key. >> what do you think? >> i agree with everything he says. >> one things fans might notice around the stasme is it that over the winter is got a face-lift which involved new bathrooms, or they might not as the game will take center stage. >> it is my faret day of the year. >> why is that? >> it was opening day. >> do you think we're going to win? >> definitely. >> what about the season? >> we'll do good. good or bad, it is like a did,
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you can't just love them when they're good. >> some folks can really hardly contain themselves. >> yes, i love the orlsors, the boys are back, it's opening day, and i'm off work. hi, mom! >> we have continuing coverage of the orioles home hope e opener on our web site. we would like you to share some of your orioles magic. go to and click on you-local. keep it clean. >> there are only how many hundreds of games more? lots of opportunities for improvement. 45 degrees on tv hill. allergy season is hitting maryland hard. why doctors say this year is unusually bad and why it may only get worse. >> i'm rob roblin. the restaurant that specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches. >> right now you are looking at a live picture outside.
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is there a warm-up in the weekend forecast? weekend forecast? the answer in
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up to 80% of surface stains in just two weeks. good advice. what did i tell ya. [ female announcer ] for a noticeably whiter smile in just two weeks. new crest 3d white toothpaste. and try crest 3d white rinse. >> there is a little chill in the air. we have generally clear skies. a weather disturbance up to our
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north has been producing some snow. new york state and up in maine, and rain closer to the coast thrfment on the upper left, you can see rain shower activity associated with a cold front in upper wisconsin and the peninsula. that's the next thing to come our way. it really won't be much of a feature that will interfere with the bulk of our weekend. we are between systems. chillier than we had had. let's look at what we have had outside. inner harbor 43. barometer at 30.15 and rising. west at 6. my car thermometer read 30 degrees. not any indications of frost that i can see anyway, at least around the baltimore metropolitan area. yesterday the high was 57 at the airport. 58 at the inner harbor. typically this time of year, 62
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would be the high and 40 would be the low. our temperatures are going to be a lot closer to normal here than the next day or so. 43 and 47 the respective highs. here are some of the readings around the area now. across the bay at easton, it is 45. downtown, 43. west minister 45. frederick 41. hagse town -- hagerstown town and hancock in the 40's. l a little better than a half ainch of rain when it finally did come through the area. thoo then these clouds were producing snow showers in the mountains to the west of us. ayou will of that is pulling out the picture. here is the next weather system that will be coming our way.
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it is riding way far north. when this finally does sweep through, it won't have access to the gulf of mexico. here is that chill coming through behind the one system, the warm up ahead of the one system and behind that, cold. 51 to 56 the high. insta- weather futurecast, snow up in new york state, but basically we're dry down here. here is that front to the north. might be a little rain with it up in new york state. monday, that front kind of moves through the area. we might pick up a sprinkle or a cloud or two. basically that front comes through and holds the temperatures down. ahead of it colder air.
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monday, tuesday, and wednesday. we warm up with a flithe slight shower clans by friday. >> thank you, john. coming up, new questions about how he ended up with a house paid for by mostly taxpayers. >> and if you are getting a lot of sniveling and sneezing, spring allergy season is shaping up to be one of the wofert in years. a doctor's advice next in "medical alert." >> i'm lowell melser. if you've taken your sleep aid and you're still fighting to sleep in the middle of the night, why would you go one more round using it ? you don't need a rematch-- but a re-think-- with lunesta. lunesta is different. it keys into receptors that support sleep, setting your sleep process in motion. lunesta helps you get the restful sleep you need. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving or engaging in other activities while asleep without remembering it the next day
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have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. stop fighting with your sleep. get a free 7-night trial on-line and ask your doctor about switching to lunesta. discover a restful lunesta night.
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>> in this morning's medical alert, have your allergies been acting up over the last few days? well you're not alone. people who normally suffer from pollen allergies are having a harder time. >> it has been a busy day at dr.
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john bacon's office. >> a lot of tightness through her chest and it feels tight in here as well. >> all those flowers and trees in bloom all exploding with pollen together right now. any natural staggering effect that sat on top of everything green for weeks. >> this was a most unusual day in that the first six to eight allergy injection patients came in complaining bitterly. >> dr. bacon's patient, bruce elliot, says this year it is worse than ever before. >> it has been progressively worse the last several years. this year is particularly difficult. plants are growing well, and the pollen has really bufert forth the last week or two. >> can't garden, can't mow the lawn, can't do any of the stuff
5:23 am
i want to be doing. i can't do anything in the garage. >> will it get worse? the doctor says yes. >> everything has started to pollenate at roughly the same time. the bad news is oak pollen tends to peak mid to late april. >> but there are things we can do to help. >> wear a nice cap. try to minimize early day activities, 5:00 to 10:00 when the sun comes up and the dew tries is when the pollen tends to peak. and hour in the evening. you wash off the pollen. >> and you might think all those thunderstorms we had a few days ago would help. they actually make allergies worse. he said it could take two to three days of sustained rain to reduce the pollen scaptly.
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>> being obese affects your children. infants born to obese children are more likely to have a heart defect. researchers used medical records of over 7,000 women in new york whose children were born with major heart defects. losing weight before con seeving could lower the risk. >> well, it is perhaps america's favorite easy to make comfort food. now there is a local restaurant dedicated to everything grilled cheese. first, a look at the events going on around town this going on around town this weekend. get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch
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while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue.
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>> the grilled cheese sandwich is one of the favorites in america. to honor the grill cheese, april has been named national grilled cheese sandwich month. here in baltimore four men decided to open a restaurant. rob roblin was there. >> if you are into grilled cheese sandwiches, you need to come here.
5:28 am
>> it was an idea that came to one of the owners in a dream. >> i had an idea that was trying to get cheese off a truck. i said, why don't we sell gormet grilled cheese. hi a dream last night. >> it is a restaurant that serves only grilled cheese sandwiches. grilled cheese with crab meat. grilled cheese with stake. there's just something about a grilled cheese sandwich. >> what is it about a grilled cheese? >> it is come fort food. >> they have been open since month, and since monday, the place was packed. >> the grills were toasting and the cheese was melting. people seemed to love the idea of a grilled cheese sandwich. >> what is it about a grilled cheese? >> old-fashioned home, warmth,
5:29 am
growing up. >> if you are into the mood for a drilled cheesehead over to 500 edmonton avenue in catonsville. rob roblin. wbal-tv 11. >> makes me hungry right now. >> yes. 5:29. 43 degrees. the tragic result for the search for four west virginia miners. >> rescuers worked their way back into the mine and were close to answering the big question -- are any of the four missing miners still alive. >> west virginia's governor announcing the final four missing miners were not found alive.
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thanks for joining us. >> john is here with another look outside. it was almost 80. >> all of a sudden we jumped to summer and we want to stay there. and it was the nice part of summer, too, because it wasn't humid. spring is like that. april can have highs and lows
5:32 am
and all kinds of stuff. it technically can even produce a little snow. >> oh, don't say it. >> they probably saw a few snow flakes as the recommend -- remnants of that weather maker came through. it takes longer for new england to see spring the way we all envision spring. they are getting the colder side of it. there is a new area of rain coming in from the cold front along with wisconsin, minnesota, michigan this morning. we'll talk about temperatures on our weekend forecast coming up in just a minute. >> the latest forecast always at your fingertips at our radar allows you to track radar down to your very own street. log on to and click on "weather."
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>> the miracle people from west virginia prayed for never came. instead rescue workers found four more bodies in the mine. it is the wofert u.s. coal mine disaster since 1970. -- worst u.s. coal mine disaster since 1970. >> rescue workers asked the big question -- are any of the four missing miners still alive? >> we will be able to know if we have that schiffer of hope and be -- sliver of hope. >> rescue workers made it to the first of two shelters. it was empty. no one inside as seen in this earlier animation. until that news, west virginiaians had held out hope. not anymore. miner allen cox, his face still black from today's shift.
5:34 am
>> it is heart wrenching because those guys are just doing what i'm doing, they are just trying to feed their families and take care of their families the best way they can. >> smoke, heat, a fire finally put out by nitrogen tonight. the huge explosion was known to have killed p 90 men. the funerals have started, husbands, fathers, mostly white, one black. >> president obama has propsed a quick investigation as to why this mine was cited for safety violations but wasn't closed. >> we have good news to report a baltimore city police dog is safely back with his handler.
5:35 am
stewy the police dog is back with his owner. he ran off yesterday. >> rob will take you to italy as the s shroud of turin. >> no rain in the forecast today. lots of sun. we'll talk about it. details in the forecast. my dentist says brushing alone isn't enough to avoid dental problems. [ male announcer ] act total care mouthwash rebuilds enamel and kills bad breath germs. to help avoid dental problems, act daily.
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>> we don't have to be too concerned about that. the sun will be the dominant feature today with high pressure. some chillier air in the area. let's see how cold it is right now. 40 degrees at the airport. 65% the humidity. with these temperatures, that's a hyatt fear. the barometric pressure is rising. it is a high reading, so that means fair weather. the dominant breeze will be from the west. acarrots bay to snap list, 43.
5:39 am
gaithersburg 47. upper 30's out there. won't last long once the sun comes up. 45 hage hagerstown. coldest reading is montery, west virginia. you can see the gray shades dipping around baltimore. the precipitation makers are up to the north. our next weather system that we'll be watching is this band of clouds we see running from the dakotas through minnesota up to lake superior and on into canada. it doesn't look very substantial at all. the front will trail through us. with high pressure to the south blocking any moisture from coming in, it looks like when that comes through, it can sh
5:40 am
come through dry. so today for the weekend will be the cooler of the two days. here's the chilly air we have this morning coming into our area. here is that shot of warm air coming up ahead of that front. that shot will also introduce some chilly air. 61-66 typical. seasonnably cool for sunny skies. a few gusts to 20. small-craft advise ri out today on the bay. for the futurecast, tomorrow we take it to 73 for the high. we introduce a few scattered clouds as that weak cool front approaches overnight sunday into monday. maybe a sprinkle. maybe clouds as the front passes through. high temperature on monday only 65. 59 for tuesday. a little on the breezey side. 63, 67, and 75. so the temperatures are a little cool next week but show a warming tendency toward the end
5:41 am
of the week. >> after 10 years the shroud of turin will go back on display. keelingt miller has more from italy. >> it has been 10 years since the shroud has gone on display here in turin, and the vatican. a lot of study by a lot of scientists looking into the shroud. in the 980's they did carbon testing which dated the material to the medieval times, well after the time. they asked for that to be done again to try to specificly date it. what baffles scientists is that
5:42 am
the 3-d image in the cloth does president actually touch the cloth. however they took particles off the shroud that place it, according to one expert, in the holy land. the vatican has never claimed that the crowd is legitimate and is saying they can test it. there are many saying the truth is still a matter of faith. keith miller, nbc news, turin. >> coming up, preparing young people for the job margaret. >> first, a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> in "project economy" the state says the stiment of mine -- minority-owned companies was lower than expected. minority-owned companies received just $85 million. >> governor owe mali is --
5:46 am
o'malley. >> what they are doing is helping students find jobs in demand for skilled workers. it also gives to our economy a highly-skilled work force. >> the government promoted his efforts to save and create jobs throughout the state. >> peter francheau will be our guest. if you have a question, e-mail your questions to sunday questions ath >> baltimore's city council president is revealing how he came to own a house paid for by mostly taxpayers. will his family be responsible sfor paying back part of the loan? >> council president jack young read from a statement denying
5:47 am
that he improperly benefited from the circumstances of his sister that led to a home in twun. >> i ask you to clear up the issue. >> young's sister brauth bought the house after the home she was living in was condemned and demolished. now an empty lot, the house was razed as part of an effort to clear blighted neighborhoods. she received a cash housing replacement of $22,000. the other $22,300 in community black grants provided by a loan from the city. it may have forbid a elected official from benefiting from it, and it required repayment of the loan. just three weeks later, august
5:48 am
16, twun, she added her brother to the title of the house. that allowed jack young to become a co-owner of the house that had been paid for almost entirely by taxpayer depunds. >> there was an -- >> in his statement young said the use of the restricted loan was a mistake, and he insists he was entitled to ownership to the house because he and his sister both owned the house on durham street. >> my name should have been on the deed but the housing company did not list my name. >> the benefits that helped young aws sister buy the property? they are intended for the person that lived in the house. >> whoever that owner occupier was got the benefit. >> no, i did not live on durham
5:49 am
street. >> he took no further questions. she hofede out in 2005 when her brother moved in. when she signed that loan, she agreed to live in the house until 2011. she may now have to pay back the loan. >> the city said they are looking at the transacks involved for possible violations of legal agreements. >> coming up, a warning to all facebook and at which timer users. >> there is a big new virus out there that could ewe-in your computer. -- could ruin your computer. stay tuned. >> for the orioles, the story again turns to the closer. trouble finding the perfect taco seasoning? ♪ ¿por que no probamos esto? ♪ old el paso. a special blend of seasoning... for especially delicious tacos.
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>> four games into the season, the orioles have good news, bad news emerging. the good news, they sometimes win close games, the bad news, they lose close games.
5:53 am
couldn't have asked for a better scene for pregame ceremony. punctuated by the fly-over. concern for second daceman brian roberts. would eventually leave the game. uncertain when he will return. tejada. jones behind him. eventually tied at three apiece. tied at three in the third when alex gonslezz drilled a solo home run. 4-3 blue jays in front. then miguel tejada back home for a second tour of duty, and it is gone! a two-run home run. all tied at five with the crowd starting to come to life. onto the eighth. two outs. comes up with a clutch hit to the gap.
5:54 am
er can't handle the relay throw. holds up 6-5. and then the collapse. mike gonslezz gives up two runs in the ninth. jose sna batista with the go-ahead run at toronto r after the game only one topic to talk about. the closer. >> the orioles getting things cleaned up on the yard. what to do with mike gonzalez. the orioles' new closer. two questions. what's wrong with mike gonzalez, and br do they go from here? >> there is no excuses. there is no looking any other way. it is what it is. we didn't close it out. gonzalez was in there to do it, he didn't do it. >> i'm trying to prove too much. obviously you are coming into a
5:55 am
new team, trying to feel part -- definitely part of the guys, they are making me feel part, but i need to turn this around and do it quick. >> he is a great pitcher. you can't judge him off these few outings. it is so early. >> like i said, i know i can get this done. i have no doubt in my mind that i can. i started a rough patch. now it can be one of those things where i have these three bad outings and get is it done. >> he's a closer. >> not many options right now for dave if he wants to make a change. he struggled in that role and nobody else has closer experience. >> thank you, pete. dave trembly could not possibly say more by saying less.
5:56 am
>> tiger woods finds himself in striking position. woods just two shots off the pace after the first two rounds. round two a tougher placement. this birdie, a long one on 13. tiger not at all flinching in the name of a challenger. at the mid-way mark looking perfectly poised to go after the green jacket. got to make -- look at the pack behind them. choy, woods, mickelson. here is woods ready to strike the top spot. >> it feels to be back in contention. i usually put myself in contention most years here, and this year i'm right there, and, you know, we have 36 more holes,
5:57 am
and i'm sure the golf course, they are not going to make it easy for us. they made it easy on the first day, and today it was more difficult. >> the 5-wood answer most -- wife words most common when someone asked to do a house project, "no, honey, i'm watching golf." >> i think gerry just got himself out of a lot of house work by that last comment. >> yeah, gerry, i don't think so. >> here's a look ahead. it will soon be illegal to use a hand-held cell phone while driving in maryland. >> now to savage park where taking care of the en environment. >> cool weather has runched. the insta-weather plus forecast
5:58 am
for the weekend just ahead. a tractor worthy enough to wear the green and yellow has evolved...
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from every john deere that's come before it.


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